First and foremost we want the day-to-day fragrance we wear to make us smell beautiful. With essential oil-fragranced products we can not only smell fabulous the organic, chemical-free way, but we can derive other benefits too.

The proliferation of chemical-based fragrances, particularly since WW1, has meant that the therapeutic benefits gained from many colognes and perfumes – as was the original intention centuries ago – has been lost. Today, up to 90% of conventional fragrances are made up of largely untested synthetic, petroleum-derived chemicals (Turin & Sanshez, 2008). It’s essentially the marketing of a product that makes us smell “alluring, uplifted, sexy, beautiful,” not the ingredients in the product itself.

At Y-Yo we’ve harnessed the knowledge gathered over generations of Egyptians, Chinese, Indians and indigenous Australians (to name but a few!) to develop a range of certified organic essential oil-fragranced products that marry nature’s beauty and utility. Our forefathers, so in-tune with the healing powers of nature, understood the uplifting benefits derived from jasmine and citrus; energising peppermint and red thyme; and the mosquito repelling properties of lavender, rosemary and vetiver.

We strive to provide you with a product free from nasties. Y-Yo products care for you, your family, animals and the environment. We are conscious of what we put on our skin and hope that you are too. It takes just twenty six seconds for the chemicals in most conventionally fragranced products to penetrate our skin, to circulate through our blood stream and get into every organ in our body. TWENTY SIX SECONDS. We therefore need to be aware – not paranoid – just aware of how many chemically-laden products we put on (and therefore in) our bodies.

All Y-Yo products are chemical free. We use certified organic ingredients from suppliers who have internationally recognised organic certification backed up with annual reviews by third party auditors. And because Y-Yo has been developed to not only make you feel wonderful but to perform a function, you can be sure that we don’t use any ingredients that we don’t have to. The highest quality ingredients have been selected because of their specific properties and purpose rather than being put in to the mix for mere aesthetics.

Choose to stay informed. Choose Y-Yo!

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