An “ethical” product is one which has been developed without harm to, or exploitation of, humans, animals or the natural environment. We at Y-Yo Australia are proud to say that we conduct business in an ethical manner, having developed a brand that we believe to be socially and ecologically responsible. We take pride in offering complete transparency about our products and business practices, to ensure our customers will have no concerns when shopping with us. Below, we have taken into account sustainability, human rights and animal rights. Please contact us with any further enquiries.

Carbon Neutral
After doing research into becoming carbon neutral, we decided against simply buying carbon credits from the myriad of online carbon credit retailers. We are sure these companies do a good job in supporting programmes that offset carbon emissions, but we wanted a more hands-on approach. So using a carbon calculator we worked out that by planting 50 trees annually, Y-Yo would be carbon neutral! In partnership with local tree planting charities, the Y-Yo staff have got out and got their hands dirty planting trees to cover our carbon neutral commitment.

Green, local suppliers
To ensure the best quality product and service to our customers, and kindness to our precious planet, we only buy from suppliers whose cultivation, harvesting, processing and end products are friendly to the environment. Where we can, we use local suppliers (currently over 85% of suppliers are local) and recycled materials.

No nasties
There are no chemicals used in Y-Yo products. Plus we use Certified Organic essential oils, solubiliser, soy wax and ethanol which are grown (the latter being a by-product of organic sugar production) and processed without the use of synthetic chemicals, fertilisers or GMOs. Standards for our suppliers to achieve organic certification are internationally recognised and backed up via annual reviews by third party auditors.

Keeping it simple
Because Y-Yo has been developed to not only make you feel fabulous but to perform a function, you can be sure that we don’t use any ingredients that we don’t have to. The highest quality ingredients have been selected because of their specific properties and purpose, rather than being put into the mix for mere aesthetics. No synthetic preservatives or detergents, artificial colourings or fragrances are used.

No redundant packaging
That goes for our packaging too. Although the packaging we use is recyclable, our policy is to ensure that products are not packed in superfluous boxes containing inserts. And, to encourage product re-use, we’ve selected packaging that can be useful time and time again. Our Y-Yo travel packs are perfect for overseas trips and customs-friendly, as they are transparent and won’t be damaged by leaking cosmetics.

Fragrance refills
As we use good quality Murano glass bottles, we would hate to see them go to waste. Renew the life of your bottle by returning it for a refill. For each refill, you will receive a 10% discount and a warm fuzzy feeling in knowing that you don’t have to throw away a perfectly good bottle, cap and spritzer. Please contact us for more details if you’re interested.

100% Vegan with human volunteer testing
Our products do not contain animal products, nor are they tested on animals. We ensure that none of our suppliers undergo animal testing, nor have the raw materials they use been tested on animals. The genetic makeup of our human body is fundamentally different to those of animals. So what’s the point of testing on animals in the first place? Testing on animals gives absolutely no guidance WHATSOEVER as to whether a product is safe for humans. Willing human volunteers test our products and because all oils used are plant-based rather than petroleum-based, they are much safer to put on human skin. 60% of what you put on your skin ends up in your bloodstream. So it is fundamentally important that we pay attention to what we put on it.

In the office
We do what we can to eliminate wastage in the office by maintaining a paperless environment or, if need be, using recycled paper. There are some who say that the little bit that we can do in the office won’t make a difference, but we think that just by being more conscious of the rubbish we generate and the carbon emissions we produce will help our planet live a little longer.

No further palm oil
The issue of whether to use palm oil is contentious. Either side of the sustainably produced palm oil argument have valid points, which is why we have spent a great deal of time researching the topic. Though we believe strongly in supporting the RSPO (Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil) in promoting sustainable palm oil production and continuing to provide work to the small communities who rely on it, we at Y-Yo have decided against using the debatable substance in our future and opted for supplies we have more certainty in. At this present time, there are still a few items containing RSPO approved Sustainable Palm Oil in our online store. We will cease selling this stock once they are sold out and instead, produce future stock with other ethically produced ingredients.